Section of Dune Encyclopedia cover illustration. Used without permission.

The Dune Encyclopedia

This section of the website will be dedicated to The Dune Encyclopedia compiled by Dr. Willis E. McNelly, but initially the focus here will be on determining the current status and whereabouts of the contributors and contacting them when possible. A reverse index of articles by author is also planned, as well as a history of the publication of the Encyclopedia and the controversy surrounding its republication.

About those “Inama Nushif” lyrics

The title of the song “Inama Nushif” on the 2003 Children of Dune mini-series soundtrack does not mean “She is Eternal”. Find out what the title and the lyrics really mean here...

Request for Assistance

If you are one of the contributors to The Dune Encyclopedia, or have contact or any other information pertaining to any of the contributors, please contact us!